“Working with Erica has helped me immensely in my life goals. Being constantly overwhelmed and frustrated with my own progress in my studies and in life, she helped clarify a vision of the future, steps to achieve that vision, and training to keep my daily life-balance in check. Erica has helped me understand my own worth and how I can actively act that out in my professional field. At first, I didn’t see much use in a life coach, but after a few sessions, I’ve seen real results in myself and how I think about the world. I highly recommend anyone that is having difficulty in their life and pursuing their goals to get a life coach, especially Erica. You will see lasting changes in your life that lead to a happier and healthier outlook.”


“Before working with Erica, I was overwhelmed with balancing personal stressors and wanting to make big changes professionally. After just one session, I have a better vision of how to start balancing my family needs and how to pursue the changes I want professionally. Now, I’m actively starting my own wellness/training business with excitement and confidence. Without Erica, I would not have found the balance I needed to put my fears aside and push forward. I would recommend coaching with Erica for anyone who wants to make changes in their life and get out of the box.”